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OWM Awards Laurels (white) - Winner 2021
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Boniface “Softie” Mwangi has long fought injustices in his country as a political activist. Now he’s taking the next step by running for office in a regional Kenyan election. From the moment Boniface decides to run, telling his wife, Njeri, in passing with a hesitant laugh, he responds to each challenge with optimism. But running a clean campaign against corrupt opponents becomes increasingly harder to combat with idealism alone. And Boniface soon finds that challenging strong political dynasties is putting his family at risk. Should country really come before family, as he’s always believed?


Featuring Boniface Mwangi and Njeri Mwangi 

Written and Directed by Sam Soko  

Editors Mila Aung-Thwin  Sam Soko  Ryan Mullins  Cinematographer Joel "Ingo" Ngui  Sam Soko  Chris Rhys Howarth 

Additional cinematography  Elijah Kanyi  David Kariuki  Vincent Muthini  Pete Murimi Bruce Makau

Streeter Phillips   James Quest  Seydou Mukali  Nick Wambugu  

Sound recording  Edwin Ahenda Brian Munene 

Sound Design / Re-recording Mixer. Cory Rizos CAS Composers Olivier Alary​  Johannes Malfatti 

Archive and Music Supervisor Edmund Duff Online Editing + Colour Hamed “Ed” Aleali   Samantha Neboschizkij  

Line Producers  Ruth Munyiri  Valerie Shamas  Production Manager  Matrid Nyagah  Lola KarisaAssociate Producer. Katie McKay 

Executive Producers Bob Moore Mila Aung-Thwin  Sandra Whipham  Marjon Javadi  Justine Nagan Chris White  Mandy Chang  Jess Search  Daniel Cross  Bramwel Iro

Produced By

Toni Kamau  Sam Soko

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"A marvel of narrative storytelling..."

Filmmaker Magazine

"A compelling act of defiance"


"a powerful and personal election biopic... as intimate as it is brave"

The Film Stage

"...tremendous film"

The Times (UK)

"..the global crisis has, in some ways, made the film’s message even more urgent and relevant, connected to a global, though also intensely local, struggle."

Africa is a Country

"...exemplary documentary."

"Softie represents an important step forward because of who is telling the story."


"An unnerving cautionary tale..."

International Documentary Association (IDA)

"We all make sacrifices for our dreams and ambitions, but it seems with Softie that some costs are too high to pay..."

Shadow and Act

"...trying to change the world has deeply personal consequences." 

Salt Lake City Weekly

"…a portrait of the kind of selfless, unifying and much-needed patriotism."

LA Times




"Top 10 best documentary bets for an unprecedented online film festival experience."." 

The Globe and Mail

"...remarkable story." 

The Scottish Mail

"...funny, suspenseful, and inspiring..."

Boston Globe

An African story about an African protagonist told by an African director — and the world is watching

Financial Times

"A tense political thriller..."

Rogers Ebert